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Computers are now part of our everyday life. Like everything else with the right kind of care they can last for alot more than what we think they can. In this day and age with the way the economy is, it often prudent to invest in maintaining our computers the same way we maintain our vehicles. I can definitely help you with that.

So what can we do to maintain our computers?

Let's start with cleaning up our computers
inside & out!

If your system has been bloated with malware, viruses and addons you never wanted, but which steal valuable resources from your system, I can backup your data and run all your files through antivirus systems that run outside of the operating system and as a measure of last resort, reinstall your operating system, if you still have the original installation medium.

If you happen not to have the original operating system on a proper installation medium, or if you're not satisfied with what your computer uses now, my recommendation for your consideration is to go with a Free/Libre and Open Source Operating system. I recommend installing GNU/Linux.

GNU/Linux offers features other Operating systems do not have. It is different in both looks and behavior but like other operating systems you won't be labeled a pirate if you copy it and/or give it to a friend. There are usually more than one  alternatives ot expensive software you rarely have need for.

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